Puff Vinyl

Puff Vinyl 101: 

Bringing Your Creativity to a Different Dimension

Are you looking for that WOW factor for your next HTV project?

Then, Puff Heat Transfer Vinyl’s the one you’re looking for. This unique material will not just put an O in your mouth, but surely the one that will bring your artistic heart into a new and exciting dimension.

So, if you’re ready for a wonderful ride, let Puff vinyl be your magic carpet.

But wait, what is Puff vinyl?

         Puff Vinyl is not your usual heat transfer vinyl product. It is an easy-to-weed HTV that goes well with an extensive range of fabrics like polyester, cotton, and cotton-poly blends. It is specially made to transform the same old flat vinyl into eye-catching, 3D-like designs. The best part is that you have various colors to choose from that will definitely satisfy your artistic cravings.

3D-like designs? But it’s just a thin and flat layer vinyl. How does it happen?

Before subjecting puff vinyl to heat and pressure, it’s just a plain-looking vinyl film. But achieving that 3d effect finish is no magic at all; it only takes the right amount of pressure to get that spectacular result.

Technically, Puff vinyl is a type of material that, when pressed with heat & pressure, expands and reveals a puff effect after. Such added cubic effect brings a warm & soft vibe to your design.

Can you use Puff Vinyl on Cricut Easy Press?

As I’ve said earlier, pressure is the key point to produce that puffed-up look. That’s why it is vital to use a heating tool that can accurately provide a good & evenly distributed amount of pressure.

It’s easy to tell that the standard heat press can undoubtedly deliver the job since it has a built-in pressure setting. But hey, not everyone has a heat press, so in case you’re wondering if you can use Cricut Easy Press to apply Puff Vinyl, our answer is a CONDITIONAL YES.

So I can, but I may not achieve a good result?

Although some manufacturers specifically do not recommend an easy press for their product, it doesn’t mean that using one will not yield a quality result.

A Cricut Easy Press may lack this one prominent factor to the heat pressing process- pressure setting, but there’s still a way. Our case is not hopeless.

Here are some tips that can help you overcome the setbacks of using Cricut Easy Press on Puff Vinyl:

  1. Find a sturdy area to perform the pressing. Soft surfaces such ironing board is not recommended for it is weak and cushiony.
  2. To secure a firm pressure, add a layer of towel as your base before laying the shirt or whatever fabric you opt to use.
  3. Use your body weight to ensure that a solid amount of pressure is being applied. Make sure also that this pressure is evenly distributed.
  4. Avoid pressing on small portions during the transfer when you can cover the complete design in a single press.

This process of manually applying extremely heavy pressure on your substrate may be physically exhausting, but knowing that there’s a fruitful reward at the end makes it a worthwhile experience.

However, be mindful that these steps are not guaranteed. Certain factors beyond one’s control can still impact the quality of the press, such as whether the shirt is preshrunk or not and the quality of vinyl itself.

But there’s an unwanted outcome that can be solely blamed on you, and that is wrinkling. This issue is one of the most common problems rooted in the crafters’ skills and knowledge in applying Heat Transfer Vinyl.

Why is my puff vinyl wrinkling?

There’s a reason why we keep on reminding you that the best method is to always stick to the recommended setting. Why? Because we are avoiding you to go through the horror of wrinkling vinyl.

There are two possible reasons why you’ve ended up having wrinkles in your pressed puff vinyl. Either you’ve prolonged the press time, or you’ve increased the temperature setting. The worst is if you’ve committed both two mistakes.

Remember: Don’t go extra and be a faithful follower! Creating your setting is like creating your problem. So, learn from your mistake and let wrinkling be a thing of the past.

So, how long should I press puff vinyl to avoid wrinkling? 

         The setting for puff vinyl varies per manufacturer ranging from around 300°F -320°F, but all is locked at the recommended press time of 10 seconds.

Still Best to Test Press!

But still, the best way to prevent wrinkling and other issues like puff vinyl not peeling off is to do a test press.

Cut a small piece of puff vinyl, then try the recommended setting first. If it does not satisfy you, try experimenting with different times, temperatures, and pressure combinations until you get the perfect mix.

The Two faces of Puff Vinyl: Meeting the cut side & the iron side

You are lucky if your puff vinyl has a distinctive shiny and matte side. It saved you from the trouble of figuring out which is which. The carrier sheet is usually the glossy side, while the puff vinyl is the matte side.

Shiny Side Faces Down

When cutting your design onto the vinyl, the shiny side faces down the cutting mat while the matte side faces up.

Matte Side Faces Down

On the other hand, during the actual transferring of design, the two sides reverse position. The shiny side now is the one facing up so that the matte side of the vinyl is the one that will be press onto the substrate.

Help! I’m caught in the middle of identical sides!

Sometimes, being special and unique comes with a downside, and in this case, it’s the confusing side of Puff HTV. Telling which side faces what direction during the cutting and pressing process sometimes requires a bit of effort.

If both sides look shiny or both look dull, whichever case it may be, there’s a straightforward solution to it- a weeding tool.

Using the weeding tool, simply tear at the corner of the vinyl, then peel off a little to determine the carrier side from the puff vinyl side. This move is a guaranteed method of avoiding a mistake.

Can puff vinyl be layered?

If mixing and matching is your game, you might get disappointed to know puff vinyl cannot be layered. Whether it is the same puff vinyl or another material, overlaying is a no-go for this product.

Layering puff vinyl with another HTV may be impossible, but it doesn’t mean that there’s no more role left for puff vinyl to participate in a layered design.

The trick is to apply puff vinyl last! Why? The texture of special HTVs like the one in puff vinyl might repel the adhesive of the vinyl that will be layered on top of it. It may stick for a while, but to say that it will hold to last is an overstatement.

Can you remove puff vinyl?  

         Hopefully, you won’t need it, but yes, you can remove puff vinyl.

Messing up with the design is part of the journey. Every crafter has or will experience it along the way. The good thing is there are solutions to fix such mistakes.

There are two ways to try here: the free fix and the vinyl removing agents.

Before cashing a few bucks for some vinyl-removing products, you can try this free fix that’s already within your reach- home iron and tweezer!

A Pair to Beat!

Home Iron and a tweezer is a simple fix to remove puff vinyl. Simply slip the iron underneath the shirt. Place it under the spot you want to remove. Make sure the other elements of the design are not affected or heated during the process. Otherwise, you are weakening the adhesive of those already perfect designs.

Start with low heat, then gradually up the temperature. With the tweezer, try if the adhesive has loosened up. If it is coming off easily, slowly continue removing the vinyl till you get everything off the shirt. That’s it! What a practical way to reset your fault in pressing.

Find a compatible agent!

If the first method is not working, it is time to find the perfect vinyl-removing agent for you. There’s a wide array of products to choose from. But even if you believe you are unlikely to encounter this problem, I still suggest that you purchase one just in case the need for such arises.


Puff vinyl is like HTV reimagined as it brings you an entirely different feel. Its unique 3D appeal is a sure way to turn heads and win hearts. This product is your ultimate gateway to level up your vinyl game. 

So what are you waiting for? Head out…expand your creative outlook and raise your heart with excitement. For through Puff Vinyl, happiness is on different dimensions! 

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